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All Recent Attempts On Reading Education Have Failed | End Illiteracy in English

End Illiteracy in English

The problem of English functional illiteracy is a very real nightmare, but the solution is easier than you would ever dare to dream.

Ineffective Changes in Teaching Reading?

Various changes to teaching reading have occurred in the last sixty years, particularly since the 1983 “Nation At Risk” report (scroll down to the third article on this blog). All of the changes, however, were relatively minor and all were within the boundaries of what is being taught in the teachers’ colleges. These changes have not made any overall statistically significant improvement. Proof of that statement can be found in an analysis of the Adult Literacy in America report, the most statistically accurate and comprehensive study of U.S. adult literacy ever commissioned by the U.S. government. The analysis of this report can be seen on our Ending Functional Illiteracy in English website.

When merely “tweaking” the teaching method for reading is not effective, something more revolutionary is desperately needed — such as Frank Charles Laubach, founder of Laubach Literacy International, proposed in his book Forty Years With the Silent Billion. The extreme seriousness of the problem of English functional illiteracy demands a solution. A new, breakthrough book is now available for definitely and permanently ending our provably serious literacy crisis. The second revision of this award-winning book is available at no cost or obligation of any kind on the left-hand column of our Ending Functional Illiteracy in English website. This is a 265-page e-book in .pdf format.

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