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English Functional Illiteracy in Developing Nations | End Illiteracy in English

End Illiteracy in English

The problem of English functional illiteracy is a very real nightmare, but the solution is easier than you would ever dare to dream.

English Functional Illiteracy in Developing Nations

Although these blogs have been concentrating on learning to read in the U.S., the same problems and solution applies to English-speaking people in any part of the world. If English-speaking people in other nations are functionally illiterate in English and cannot read English very well they may have a serious educational disadvantage. If their language is one of the many languages in the world that is an unwritten language, or if their nation has financial difficulties in being able to provide their citizens with a sufficient amount of written material in their native language, the inability to read the readily available English material is a very serious educational disadvantage.

English-speaking people in many smaller nations and developing nations around the world will have the same disadvantage described in previous blogs and in information in our website about ending English functional illiteracy. People in other nations can use the same information available for ending the very real literacy crisis to solve their problems in other nations. The information in this amazon.com detail page about the breakthrough book, Let’s End Our Literacy Crisis, Revised Edition is also available at no-cost and no-obligation in the updated Let’s End Our Literacy Crisis, Second Revision available in a .pdf format linked in the left-hand column of the “ending English functional illiteracy” link above. This is a 265 page E-book with 164 pages of text, 46 pages in eight appendixes with a multitude of facts and figures supporting the text, 178 references and extensive end notes, an extensive bibliography (including some which were neither quoted nor paraphrased in the text), table of contents and index, glossary, “about the author,” and other features — the ideal way for learning to read.

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